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About Nrupatunga

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People who know him, knows "his story". And if you don’t know him, you are most welcome to read about him!

“A family man from Mandya, who had dreams of being a successful entrepreneur and was adamant on giving up easily. “


Even at the very young age, what fascinated him was the way the development happened over the years. He used to be amazed by the way the technology advancement is taking place in construction field. Not just the way it is built but with the materials, machinaries – everything!


He set his foot in college life in the year 2000 and went on to Bangalore to complete Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) in 2003.


Over the past 14 years, he cut his teeth working as a contractor. During this time his work has covered a variety of areas including being the Founder President of Builder’s Association of India, Mandya Centre.


He continues to work as a contractor while pursuing opportunities in orientation programs to help the budding entrepreneurs in the business.


Alongside this, he enjoys being a part of social services and activities, Ganeshotsav (happening event) in Mandya and other ventures that could help people around him. Though politics aren’t really of his interest, the people that work with him or have seen his work would love seeing in that connect.


Today, he’s not only a successful contractor but also owns 15 commercial vehicles along with the tar mixing plant. Without the hard work, his family’s support and the attitude of not giving up so easily, all of this would have been beyond the imagination.

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Money often costs too much

In the year 2008, he was back to Mandya post higher studies in Bangalore. One of his dad’s friend, offered him a contract of getting their house constructed. That’s when he began his career as a contractor. Initially to start with, he used to get contracts like small-scale repairs, compound repairs which were sufficient for his expenditures. As per the suggestion of his father, he applied for Contract License from the Government, which he got it after the waiting period of 4 months. Since he was an engineer by profession, he became 3rd Grade Contractor.


During the initial phase, he had to go to the office, though there were contracts or not. Some of his seniors of the same profession, and most of the people he met made fun of him that this business would be a greatest challenge. All that we had at that period was just small-scale contracts. It was one of his father’s old students, who gave him the first big contract of Rs. 60000/- which he would be forever grateful to. He had to miss lot of the best contracts due to some political interference. He was devastated. He went to his father, who gave a piece of advice that changed his life forever, “Your grandfather was a Palegar who never bowed to anyone. Though I was a Kabbaddi champion, I never seek for any recommendation, You being my son should never give up. You must handle your responsibilities”


For about 2 years, all those tenders that were called by him was rejected. Since he was a new Contractor, officers made a fool out of him. Amidst of all these, there were a set of people who wanted to cut off all the regulations that were imposed by the Government after his protest. There were a lot of unfair practices in the industry back then, which made people think that the business is only for such kind of people. But then, everything has an end, just like how it has a beginning.


Meanwhile, he met T. Srinivas Murthy, who stood by him, believed in him and supported him for all his activities, for which it costed him transfers and senior officers telling him to back out of this. Few years down the lane, he was unanimously appointed as organisational guide to the District Contractor’s Association. He was also specially invited to be a member of Builder’s Association of India, which has about 80000 contractors all over the state. Just when, there were a lot of false press charges put against him just in order to defame him. However, the judgement stood by him and the case got closed. The files that had to be moved once upon a time took days together, now will be done within the seconds. The Minister was so impressed by his work that he did Bhoomi Pooja by himself, though he was stopped several times by Executive Engineer and Assistant Executive Engineer to not meet him in person. There never has been a Minister that is so humble and welcoming.


He doesn’t support bribe. Neither he gives them nor seeks them. Because of which, his works, quality control division is assessed by the team of Minister. He has been praised by Ex-Minister Mr. H. D. Chowdaiah for the quality of his work. Being an honest person, today, he owns 15 commercial vehicles along with the tar mixing plant which would all sum up to Rs. 3 crores and his license’s tender alone is about Rs. 7 crores. All the machineries are brought by bank loan which would be liquidated in a year or two

Other Notable Service

He has been the greatest fan of Sri. Narendra Modiji and Dr. Rajkumar and has always considered their good values that are widespread.


Being one of the greatest disciples of Gandhiji, Nrupatunga has always believed in charity! Various hospitals has been fortunate to receive beds, food, clothes and other basic necessities during the pandemic. He has donated about 50 fans, 50 beds, filters to MIMS (Mandya Institute of Medical Sciences) during Covid19.


He has also written most of the articles about Gandhiji which were published in various newspapers.

"With love, for Gandhiji!"

"We are most alive when we're in love"

Technically speaking, Jayalakshmi and Nrupatunga should have met a Loooong time before they actually did!

Being one of his closest relative, Jayalakshmi is basically raised in Mandya! She did intially seem to be very quiet and innocent! Most of the times it used to be casual meet ups in relatives place. All that they spoke was so basic. Her simplicity is what fascinated him! That’s it. That’s when it all began..

When Nrupatunga realised that he was in love, he couldn’t tell it to her directly. Thereupon, he sent a letter through the common friends.. but there weren’t any reply! In the next encounter, it was her who approached Nrupatunga and asked, “Do you love me? Why couldn’t you personally convey that? Why would you think that I would reject you when I am in love with you ever since my highschool!” Nrupatunga was very pleased! That’s when he realised, “when you have your true love, you have everything!”

As per Jayalakshmi’s condition, Nrupatunga convinced her parents, somehow managed finance and happily got married!

"A small family is a happy family!"

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Mandya Maha Ganapati Utsav

He was about 7 year old when he went to Kabbaddi match at his father’s college. It was a fun match between the seniors. Though being a 47 year old, none could beat him in raiding the opposite. Also, his dive was notably attractive. After the match, he asked his father if he could learn playing Kabbaddi just like him? He remained silent. After a few days, he came up to Nrupatunga and said, ” Son, the Kabbaddi match is a very rough game. I’ve been operated several times. You were born at 10th month and you couldn’t walk properly in your infancy. You also had delay in your speech as well. You weren’t physically that fit. I would suggest you to start celebrating Ganesha festival and programs related to that. It was Balagangadhar Tilak’s idea to make the first move of celebrating Ganesha festival and also Kabbaddi match.”


That’s what has inspired Nrupatunga along the years to gather few of his friends in Old Mysore and to initiate celebrating Ganesha festival. In fact, they were the firsts to emplace a huge, 20 feet Lord Ganesh moorthi in the region. The group consisted of daughters and sons of renowned politicians like, Ex-Minister M. S. Atmananda’s son, Gurukumar; Ex-Eternal Minister K. V. Shankare Gowda’s grandson, K. S. Vijayanand; Mandya Municipality ruler M. K. Ramalinge Gowda’s grandson, Abhijit Nanda and other ordinary people. They started Ganeshotsav in 1992, in the garage where each one of them took up one or the other responsibilities. As the days went, their association grew bigger where they could get in contact with these above reputed politicians sons. They almost spent about 1 lakh for the Ganeshotsav which was organised in the year 1998. The ritual got discontinued for some reason in the year 2004, when Nrupatunga was at Bangalore, pursuing his higher studies. They used to have simple celebrations at home.


He came back to Mandya in the year 2009, got settled down by 2011 and started organizing Ganeshotsav again in the same place they used to, before. All of his old associated were invited. In the year 2018, they almost reached 8 lakhs of people who made it to Ganeshotsav. The cost would vary from Rs. 50000/- to Rs. 2 lakhs, which was majorly managed by Nrupatunga and the rest were arranged through friends or through the tenders that he used to call for. Ganeshotsav was completely his responsibility and was managed by him.


Amidst of all these, there had been municipality election in 2015. Though it wasn’t something that he wanted, people around him desired to see him in that position, the reason being he wasn’t from a family that was financially well off, all that they had was the home which was also mortgaged. So becoming a politician was way beyond his expectations. He also had politely rejected the offer made by then District President of B. J. P, Mandya, Mr. Kadanalli Naganna Gowda, to contest for District Youth President. Every year of Ganeshotsav had people gathered from 5 different districts who would sum up to 50000 people for almost about a week. He took initiative of providing Prasada to everyone who visited and Anna Santarpane (providing food) for about 6000 people. Never have they ever asked for any contribution from anyone, because they believed in, the more you give, the more happier you are!


Mandya Mahaganapati Festival is a large gathering of thirty people in a family home to forget a family’s toil. The small businessmen who were doing business together, the owner of the house, the family of God’s work, were watching. The last son of Ravi or Puttanna Kurappan is my best friend. His eternity is to store all the wood in the sawmill and sell it to various hotels. 15 thousand or 20 thousand per month. However, Ganapathi’s expenses at the time of the dissolution of the Ganesha have been incurred, looked after. His family was preparing 100 Kgs of yogurt, 100 Kgs of vegetables. The main donors to our festival need to soak in the occasion. Prashant and his family I did not listen to. Businessman C. Boregauda Family Class, Retired Chief Engineer Sivaprasad, Market Puttaswamy Family, dr. Marigowda family, Gautam Jain family, Neelakamal Ashok family, Setu Mohan, Kariya Nikhil, Ranjith, Babbulu family, Abhijit, Vijayanand, Kushal. There are many other dignitaries at Huhalli Restaurant and Development.

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"My Life, My Sport"

His father’s autobiography book, which was unveiled during the Ganpati Festival 2016-17. National level politicians and National and International sports persons were present.


Approximately two thousand copies of the book written by his father were distributed, of which the Government of Karnataka had purchased about one thousand copies. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and his council of ministers spoke about the book. We had positive response about the book for which received many compliments and greetings through the letter.